2 Day Fast

Since I have been having such a hard time getting off sugar and into the groove of doing keto again I’ve decided that I am due for a fasting day. I have done a few before and it has always been the quickest way to kick my sugar cravings as long as I continue to eat healthy after. I’m going to try one day and depending on how it goes might do two. As always I’ll listen to my body and only do what I can handle.

Fasting Day 1

6am: I can’t believe it. Little Man slept all night. 9pm-5am. YES! I feel like I just slept for a century. Being well rested should make fasting today easier.

8:30am: Little Man just went down for a nap and I am starting to feel the hunger. Making myself a cup of Earl Grey tea to curb it. This Earl Grey Zest Tea was a sample from my SipsBy box. I love it and will likely be buying more.

11am: I have now been trapped with Little Man sleeping on my lap for two hours after he woke up screaming in his swing. He is so good at making sure I keep my fast going. Not so good at helping me keep hydrated, however. I’ve only had one bottle so far and can’t get up to get more.

12pm: I can feel myself hitting my wall of hunger. I keep trying to decide what to have for lunch before catching myself and remembering that I’m fasting. Still trapped underneath a Little Man who refuses to nap anywhere but my lap.

1pm: Why did I decide to fast while Little Man is having a growth spurt? He’s fussy, I’m grumpy. Just not a good combo right now.

3:30pm: Hubby is on the way home from work and I just caught myself thinking about what to have for dinner again. Funny how I keep forgetting I’m fasting, but also mostly forgetting to eat.

8pm: Kept busy for a while in the garden. Made some more tea to curb my evening snacking. Will be heading to bed soon before I end up giving into the overwhelming urge to snack.

Fasting Day 2

6am: Feeling like I can definitely do a second day, at least until dinner.

7:30am: Did I really just commit myself to a second day? It’s going to be an early dinner. Already thinking about what I’m going to have. I need something with perfect Keto macros to kick off.

1pm: Today has gone by fast for some reason. I have totally forgotten about eating and now cannot for the life of me decide what to do for dinner.

Breaking the Fast

5pm: I’ve finally decided on how to break my fast. An 8oz sirloin with green beans and broccoli from Applebee’s. It needed an extra fat boost because of all the protein, so I slathered on 2tbsp of butter, which is a crap ton of butter by the way. With the added butter the macros are 59g fat, 12 grams carbs, 48 grams protein.

I also made some Teeccino Vanilla Nut Tea and added 2tbsp of heavy cream for an extra 10 grams of fat. This tea is also from my SipsBy box and is another one I will likely buy more of. Teeccino makes decaf teas based on coffee flavors, making them perfect for adding heavy cream to if you need an evening fat boost.

So there you have it. My two day fasting experience. It really wasn’t so hard other than the evening of day 1 and maybe a little in the morning of day 2. I feel great now being on the other side of it!

I Love Library Book Sales

Enough said am I right?

They are such a great way to stock up your bookshelf in a cost effective and environmentally friendly way. You can borrow from the library too, but I personally enjoy having a nice selection of titles at my fingertips when the mood strikes. I feel like it’s nice to own the kids’ favorites too, for when they want to read the same book over and over every day for weeks on end.

My local library was having a book sale this past weekend. Even though Little Man’s bookshelf was already overflowing, I just couldn’t resist. I think he needs another bookshelf now…

Apparently I was grabbing an inordinate number of books. At one point one of the organizers asked if I was a teacher. Haha! Nope, just love to read. She told me teachers get books for free. In that case, if I was a teacher, I may have taken the whole dang room.

The ladies there were super helpful. I asked one of them a needle in a haystack question, “have you seen any Shel Silverstein around?” and she led me right to Where the Sidewalk Ends. A great book of poetry as I recall. They even helped me carry the box of books out to my car since I had Little Man with me.

I love used book stores, but I love library book sales even more. Mostly because they are super cheap. I got all of that (at least 30 books) for $20! I was surprised when I got to the checkout and wished I had grabbed more. Although, seriously, how would I have carried any more?

The same number of books at Used Book Superstore cost me about $100 when I was first stocking up his book shelf. Granted there was no Seuss at the library sale, while the bookstore did have a decent selection of those.

Here’s to hoping Little Man loves to read! >.<

Sugar is SO Addictive

I’ve been struggling to get back on the keto train recently. My husband and I were doing so well before I got pregnant. I think we had been consistently keto for almost a year at that point. Then morning sickness hit. All I could stomach were crackers and I couldn’t even really stomach those.

That hurdle aside, the floor dropped out from under me when I suddenly lost the support of my husband. For some reason he just could not get behind a healthy low carb lifestyle while I was pregnant. I wasn’t even asking him to do Keto with me, just low carb. The same diet someone with gestational diabetes would follow! Nope. We both fell off the rails.

I can’t blame him for what I decided to shove in my face hole, but the amount of enabling was insane. I even mentioned cookies and I was presented with two boxes, and ice cream because Ben and Jerry’s was on sale so why not? Me being me, I ate every bite of it and probably licked the containers for crumbs.

When I was pregnant, I hit an all time high of 190, a gain of 55lbs from where I started. 20 of that fell off in the first week out of the hospital. The rest has stuck around. I know numbers aren’t everything, but I do know that I’m most comfortable in my body at about 135 wearing a size 6.

Weight loss isn’t my only motivation for wanting to kick sugar and carbs. I’m one of those people that can really feel the effects of a poor diet on my mental health, and I simply cannot control myself enough to eat sugar in moderation. I eat sugar and depression, brain fog, anxiety, all of it smashes me in the face the next day. Depression makes me want more sugar. It snowballs. I start building a tolerance and suddenly I’m eating entire cakes by myself.

That’s the thing, we build a tolerance to sugar. The same way you build a tolerance to caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, opiate pain killers, all that other great, addictive, life destroying stuff. (So maybe caffeine hasn’t destroyed lives, but it can make people ragey when they don’t get their fix.)

At one point I threw away a container of cookies. Hubby came home and saw them. “Did you really have to dump the cookies out of the package?” He laughed at me.


Yes, I did have to dump them out. I couldn’t just put the whole container in the trash. The cookies had to intermingle with coffee grinds and raw meat. It’s disgusting to admit, but I know myself well enough to know I would be digging that container out and wiping it off in a few short hours had I not.

I know that sugar makes me feel like crap. Yet here I am, eating my husband’s Reece’s cups when I don’t even like Reece’s.

Hello my name is Salem and I am addicted to sugar.

Do they have in patient detox centers for sugar? Only half joking…

Mom-Tired and Mom-Fried

I had grand vision for myself this National Poetry Writing Month. I was going to not only write a haiku every day, which is what I did last year. I was also going to first draft at least 25 more poems for my Amazon series that I’ve been working on. It’s not going so well.

I am mom-tired and my brain is mom-fried. Writing when you are burnt out is one thing. Writing poetry is quite another. You need words for poetry. You need the right words, specific words. I’m finding that some days I simply cannot words.

I’m not a total loss. I’ve drafted five more Amazon poems for a total of 12 so far. I have nine haiku, even if I haven’t written one every day I am trying to keep up, even if that means writing two or three some days.

Haiku are nice because they are short enough to compose in your head as you are doing other things, as we moms often are. This year’s theme is conflict between humans and nature, which I realize is the opposite of traditional haiku. What can I say? I’m a rule breaker. (You’ll notice the deviation from 5-7-5 syllable count as well. If you’re interested in my reasons there, this article on haiku is very informative.)

This morning I woke up runny and stuffy as allergy season seems to have rolled in overnight. So today’s haiku is;


Simple and easy to compose. I did it while I was making tea this morning. I’m no Robert Frost, but I have fun with it.

Any other moms out there doing NaPoWriMo or camp NaNo this month? I’d love to hear how you’re getting it all done!

Keto Lunch Box

Sunday means meal prep day. I just finished making lunches for Hubby and I for the week and I thought I’d do a post about it. I’ve been making him delightful and nutritious Keto lunch boxes. I like to use these single serving aluminum baking containers for his lunches because they are cheaper than buying new plastic Tupperware every week when he forgets it all at work. >.<

Yummy! He gets roll-ups, this week it’s ham and cheese, a side of pepperoni, cashews and a fat bomb. I’ve been experimenting with a peanut butter fat bomb recipe (recipe by FatForWeightLoss). He hates coconut, but they are so sticky they have to be rolled in something. Last week I did a coco powder and erythritol mix in an attempt to make it somewhat reminiscent of a Reece’s, but it was… weird. This week I did crushed walnuts. I’ll let you guys know what he reports back to me.

I got turkey and cheese roll-ups with mixed nuts and chocolate chip cookie dough fat bombs, (recipe by KetoVale) which are also in the experimental phase for me. I don’t like peanut butter and I’m trying to find an almond butter that’s firm enough. They have come out a bit mushy for me. Last week I actually froze them and took them out a few minutes before I wanted to eat them, which worked, but is less convenient than just having it all in a box together.

Before anyone tells me my roll-ups are inside out, I know. I use PeaPod grocery delivery and every once in a while I hate it. Today I got this;

Yes technically this is “deli turkey”, but I would say it’s more “massacred deli turkey” than “sliced deli turkey”. This would be fine for someone who makes sandwiches, but what is someone on Keto supposed to do with this? I’m making roll-ups people! (Guess I just had to roll with it. Har, har, har.)

What’s in your Keto/low carb lunch box? Any good fat bomb recipes you’d recommend?

Am I a Mommy Blogger Now?

3am: I’m awake in bed, husband snoring to my left, baby snoring in the bassinet to my right. I get the sudden inclination to start a(nother) blog.

Spring is the perfect time to start something new. We are all coming out of our winter blues. I became a first time mother in January and am emerging from the newborn fog.

This won’t be my first blog, and maybe not my last. I’ve started many in an attempt to kickstart some semblance of a writing career. Some were rather successful for a short period of time, though not all that sustainable. They’re all defunct now.

This one is different. It’s not about my writing or my poetry (though I may post some). This is a place to share the fun, the mundane, the talks about life, my sporadic knitting, my attempts at gardening, my fight with depression, anxiety and sugar and the miracle that has been the Keto diet. Maybe I’ll add some bits and pieces about being a mother. Does this make me a mommy blogger now? Perhaps, but I don’t intend to overshare the details of Little Man’s life. That’s his story to tell.

So this blog, I guess, is my story as I see it. Real and lightly edited for your reading pleasure.